9 Amazing Benefits of Beer for Your Hair

9 Amazing Benefits of Beer for Your Hair

Beautiful, luscious shining hair. Isn't that what everyone wants? Well then, why not try beer?

Are you surprised to hear that beer is good and beneficial for your hair growth and strength? Don't be because this beverage we drink when hanging out with friends or family is more than what you think. And when it comes to washing your hair, beer can do wonders as it has several properties that help hair in unbelievable ways.

Hair care can be tricky, and with the increase in environmental pollution, our hair gets severely damaged and victimized. But shampoo and conditioners made with beer can resolve many hair issues whether its hair loss or dandruff. No wonder beer shampoos and conditioners are becoming a hot item in markets around the world.

Want to know why beer is good for your hair? Well then, keep on reading to get all your answers.

Is Beer Good For Your Hair?

Oh yes, it is! Beer contains proteins, vitamin B, antioxidants, and minerals like silica, magnesium, iron, copper, and phosphorus. All these super healthy ingredients is beneficial for your hair in numerous ways.

  • Beer has the quality to improve hair growth.
  • It is effective in treating scalp problems such as dandruff and oily scalp.
  • Beer also stops and solves the problem of hair breakage or fall.
  • It gives more shine and adds volume to your hair.

So, these benefits sum up the fact conveniently that beer is rightfully considered one of the best natural treatments for hair. To explore more about the benefits of beer on hair, you need to keep reading till the end.

The Undeniable Benefits Of Beer On Your Hair

Here are some incredible benefits of beer on your hair that make your hair look stronger, healthier, and prettier inside and out.

1.  Give New Life To Your Scalp

It is 100% true that an oily scalp is the core reason behind every hair problem, whether it is hair fall, dandruff, or split ends.

People who suffer from an oily and greasy scalp can benefit from beer shampoo. Beer contains an acidic PH that helps control the oil production and keeps hair oil-free and fresher for a longer period.

2.  Promotes Hair Growth

Another significant benefit of beer on your hair is that it promotes hair growth. You might be thinking, why and how is that so?

Well, you will be delighted to know that beer is made with yeast, malt, and hop. These ingredients make the beer rich in vitamin B12, copper and iron, which are known for their role in hair growth. So, the mixture of these nutrients in a single product promotes hair growth to the maximum.


3.  Help Reduce Hair Fall

The amount of protein in beer is incredibly useful in reducing hair fall or hair breakage, which we all hate. Hair breaks easily when they are weak from the inside and that is what beer targets.

The contents of protein give strength to the roots of the hair as well as hair follicles. This makes it stronger from within. After using beer on your hair, you will notice that it does not break easily when styling or brushing.

4.  Get Silky And Straight Hair With The Use Of Beer

Is there anyone who does not like to have silky, soft hair? Surely no one.

To get frizz-free hair is the dream of all, but how to get it is the million-dollar question. With the use of beer, you can definitely achieve this. Without any doubt, beer acts as the best natural conditioner for your hair.  Washing hair with beer helps reduce frizz and dryness of the hair and makes it straight, smooth, and silky with just one wash.

5.  Add More Shine and Volume To Your Hair

Beer contains yeast, as we have mentioned before, and you know very well that it is the quality of yeast to help things increase in size, and the same is the case with hair. Using beer on hair adds more volume to the cuticles, making your hair look healthier.  Moreover, a beer wash instantly replaces dull, dry hair with sheen and shine. 

6.  Get Strong And Long Locks

The use of artificially made hair care products, regular straightening, and routine blow-dry weakens and damages your hair. To keep your hair locks strong and long, you can use beer to wash your hair as it contains remedies against all threats such as heat and chemicals in hair products.

7.  Best In Treating Dandruff

The most common trouble many of us face is dandruff as it ruins self-confidence and is a constant source of discomfort.

But now, you can say no to dandruff with beer as the presence of alcohol in beer effectively clears all the irritating flecks of dandruff from your hair.

8.  Texture Improves With Every Wash

Many people complain about the dry or oily texture of their hair. That is because an ordinary shampoo does no good to improve the texture of your hair. 

But a shampoo made with beer or other alcohols has the quality to keep the texture of your hair balanced. It is one of the features of beer that it has the right level of pH. When you wash your hair with beer, it corrects the level of pH and ensures that your hair is never left too dry or too oily. 

9.  No More Split Ends

You can say goodbye to split ends with beer as it helps to cure split ends miraculously. But that’s not all; beer also stimulates the regrowth of your hair as it contains natural hair-loving ingredients. So, leave your worries of having split ends behind with the use of good beer shampoo. 

Wrapping Up 

It would be pertinent to say that the benefits of beer for your hair are surprisingly inspiring, so why wait!  Give a hair a wash with beer shampoo and conditioner and see the difference yourself.

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