10 Foods You Should Eat for Healthy Hair

10 Foods You Should Eat for Healthy Hair

Many people spend hefty amounts of money on expensive hair treatments and products but complain about getting any results. What most people do not understand is the fact that hair needs a nutritional diet to maintain its health, just like other parts of the body.

Some of the necessary nutrients for hair health and growth are protein, vitamin C, E, D, biotin, iron, and zinc. Incorporating foods in your diet that contain these nutrients will not only help you achieve strong, beautiful lustrous hair but will also provide results without breaking the bank.

Here are the 10 of the best foods you should eat for healthy hair.

1.  Eggs

Your hair needs biotin and protein the most, which makes eggs the supreme ingredient for achieving healthy hair. The hair follicles are made of protein, and to produce more keratin, an adequate amount of biotin is required. A single egg contains 10 micrograms of Vitamin B7, otherwise known as biotin.

This hair food also contains carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which are highly recommended to maintain the cellular health of hair, skin, and eyes. The lack of these essential nutrients also causes hair loss. In simple words, incorporating eggs into your diet is a must for having strong hair and avoid many hair issues.

2.  Salmon

Eating fish is vital for hair health. Not only salmon but sardines and mackerel are also fantastic in providing your hair a healthy boost of omega 3 fatty acid. Because your body does not produce Omega 3, getting it through the external source is crucial.

Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties that facilitate hair loss reduction and improves the thickness of your hair. You can add fish to your menu in many forms, such as tacos, baked in the oven, or fried on a pan to energize your hair from within.

3.  Spinach

Fresh green vegetables are always a fantastic addition to one’s diet. Spinach is full of vitamin A, C, beta carotene, magnesium, and iron which is why it can benefit your hair immensely.

It is estimated that 30 grams of spinach can provide up to 56% of the daily vitamin A intake. Adequate intake of vitamin A is vital as it supports the skin in producing sebum, deficiency of which can cause dry scalp.

Iron is another component in spinach that helps red blood cells carry oxygen in the body to assist hair growth and repair. The deficiency of iron can lead to baldness, making it an important food for hair growth.

4.  Sweet Potato

Many people suffer from dull and dry hair. The best cure to eliminate dull and dry hair is to take beta carotene that is present in sweet potatoes in large quantities. The human body turns beta carotene into Vitamin A, which ends up giving a shiny hair texture. According to statistics, 114 grams of sweet potato provides beta carotene that can produce enough Vitamin A to fulfill the body's need up to more than 4 times.

Besides this, eating sweet potatoes also supports your overall health, immunity, eye vision and is an excellent source of fiber.

5.  Avocadoes

Avocadoes are largely considered a skin food, but most people do not know that it is equally beneficial for your hair. Vitamin E in avocado is a fantastic component for hair growth and moisturizing. A medium avocado can fulfill 21% of daily Vitamin E intake. Vitamin E is said to nourish the scalp giving hair a healthier texture.

Also, avocado’s antioxidant properties neutralize free radicals that bring oxidative stress and damage.

6.  Berries

Berries are another antioxidant-rich item on the list that helps make your hair look alive and beautiful. Vitamin C in berries promotes collagen production and iron absorption, making your hair strong and healthy.  Taking 1 cup of strawberries daily fulfills your 141% of vitamin C daily requirement.

7.  Greek Yogurt

Your plain Greek yogurt is rich in proteins which is a vital nutrient for healthy hair. The probiotics in protein help absorb different nutrients in the body, and Vitamin B5 and B make the hair and skin healthy and glowing. The hair food is also highly beneficial for digestive system which further helps improve your overall health. Experts suggest adding chia seed to increase its benefits.

8.  Oysters

Oysters are rich in zinc, a vital mineral needed to maintain good hair growth and a healthy hair cycle. Zinc deficiency leads to thinning hair, for which experts suggest taking supplements to reverse the cycle.

However, taking zinc in natural form, i.e., through oysters, is a better and healthier option as its excess can have a negative effect. Zinc is also found in meat, crabs and lobsters.


9.  Meat

Meat is an incredible source of protein. Many people ignore meat to shed some extra pounds, which can cause early hair shedding cycle. Consuming this nutrient-filled food in an adequate amount ensures hair growth by repairing the hair follicles. The iron in red meat gets absorbed in the body quickly and facilitates oxygen supply to all red blood cells.

The studies show that 100 grams of cooked steak guarantees around 29 grams of protein.

10.     Flax and Chia Seeds

Chia and flax seeds provide the body with protein, vitamin E, and zinc and are incredibly health-friendly with very few calories.  They fulfill your omega 3 fatty acids that your body needs as well. Chia seeds contain 20% more protein than their cousin soybeans, whereas 28 grams of flax seeds provide about 6,000 mg of omega-3 fatty acid. You can add these to yogurt and smoothies to enjoy numerous hair and skin benefits. 

Food For Healthy Hair

Purchasing hair care products and visiting saloons is great, but nothing will bring results if you compromise on your vitamin, protein, and mineral intake. A proper diet filled with the necessary components is vital for healthy, strong, and beautiful hair.  So, include these healthy foods into your diet and provide your hair the care they need from inside.

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