How To Wash Your Hair The Correct Way For Your Hair Type

How To Wash Your Hair The Correct Way For Your Hair Type

Shampooing your hair seems like a natural routine. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do this based on your hair type. Rigorous cleansing damages your hair and disturbs its follicles and scalp. To avoid these damages, it is essential to shampoo your hair the correct way.

In today's blog, we will walk you through the correct ways to shampoo your hair and the mistakes to avoid suggested by the experts. This will allow you to take better care of your hair.

Washing Every Day Is Not Recommended!

Washing your hair every day deprives your hair of its natural oils, making hair dry and damaged. According to experts, three times a week is enough for most hair types; however, 1 to 2 times a week is better for people with dry scalp.

It is also recommended to give a gap between washing sessions to allow natural oils to do their job by getting absorbed thoroughly. It is essential to nourish and replenish the scalp as well as the roots.

Role Of Water Cannot Be Neglected.

The water you use for washing hair affects the texture and softness of your hair significantly. Hard water with its additional mineral content affects the moisture level of your hair, ruining its beauty. This dry, damaged hair easily becomes prone to breakage, hair loss, and even severe hair and skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema.

Though controlling the type of tap water is difficult, you can benefit from water softeners for your shower. It is a cost-effective solution to remove chlorine and synthetic minerals and purify the water. To cover up this damage, using hair masks once a week is also recommended.

Long Steamy Showers Are Not Good For Hair

Many people enjoy long steamy showers; however, they are often the reason behind dry, frizzy hair. High temperatures damage the liveliness of your and leave the hair cuticles open. Therefore, it is advised to take a shower and wash your hair using warm water instead of sizzling hot water. It is also recommended to have a quick round of cold water before stepping out, which will help lock moisture in the cuticle.

How To Wash Your Hair?

Now that you know the things to avoid, it’s time to discuss the correct way to wash hair:

1.   Let The Water Run Thoroughly

Start by dampening your hair using mildly warm water for at least 1 minute. Next, run your fingers through your hair to make the water reach every single area of your head. If you apply shampoo directly to dry spots, it won’t reach the roots.

The water will open your pores to allow the shampoo to exfoliate the hair and scalp thoroughly. Also, your hair will be able to absorb the conditioner better this way. 

2.   Apply The Shampoo

Take the shampoo (the required amount) on the palm of your hand, and with little water, make a slight lather out of it and then apply it on the scalp and crown area. Work the products and take the leftover product towards the ends of your hair as you don’t need a lot of product there.

Mixing shampoo with water decreases the direct effects of shampoo’s harsh cleaning ingredients on the scalp. Doing this is important as most people use SLS and SLES based shampoos that are very astringent in nature.

Required amount: Not all hair needs the same amount of product. If you have shorter hair, use a tablespoon of shampoo, medium-sized hair requires about 2 spoonfulls, and for long hair, you can double the amount.

You can start with less product and add on if you feel your hair is still greasy or has not been cleaned properly.

3.   Don’t Rub Your Scalp.

You might be tempted to rub your scalp to give a thorough deep cleansing therapy; however, it is not suitable for your hair. Harsh rub using nails and rigorous hand movement can damage the sensitive scalp area and also pull hair. This can result in wounds causing infections.

Instead, start with gentle fingers and palm movement around the scalp, which will cause less tangling and will keep your hair follicles safe from rigorous scrubbing effects. Experts suggest slowly starting from one side and moving towards the other.

4.   Rinse Your Hair Carefully

The final step of washing your hair is to rinse it thoroughly. So, let the water rinse through your hair for a couple of minutes. Remember, if any remnants of the product are left behind, it can cause issues such as dandruff, lice, itchy scalp, and more.

If it's not too cold outside, try to use cold water to wash your hair as it does not damage the sebum layer, which is responsible for keeping your hair nourished and healthy.

5.   Use Conditioner For Smoother and More Manageable Hair

Next, apply your conditioner from the middle length of the hair and take it downwards gently. Let the conditioner stay for 5 to 7 minutes but after 2 minutes, start detangling your hair with a wide-tooth comb or using your fingers.

Do not leave the conditioner for a long period of time or more than it is recommended. Wash it with enough water to rinse the product out completely. This will leave your hair smooth, shiny, and manageable.

6.   Drying Your Hair Gently

When done with washing, cover your hair in a dry clean towel and squeeze or pat your hair gently instead of rigorous rubbing. The softer the material of the towel, the better your hair will feel. A T-shirt is also considered a satisfactory option to pat your hair dry.

If you want to comb or brush wet hair, use detanglers. Hair detanglers are highly recommended to comb wet hair as they reduce hair breakage.

Winding Up

Washing your hair is a ritual that must be performed right to ensure healthy hair. For this, you must choose the right products and use the correct technique to wash your hair properly. Not to forget, being kind and gentle to your hair will pay significantly in the long run.

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