Chew Brush - Self-Brushing Dog Toothbrush

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- $-9.99

Chewbrush is the self-brushing dog toothbrush. The more your pup chews, the cleaner his or her teeth! Whatsmore is that Chewbrush looks like a fun-filled rubber dog toy. Your pooch will never know that he or she is brushing their teeth!

Chewbrush works three ways to keep your dog’s teeth clean. First, as your dog chews, the interior core of bristles gently brushes their teeth. As the teeth enter the strategically positioned openings, Chewbrush scrapes away tartar and plaque buildup. Then the little rubber nubs on Chewbrush’s exterior gently massage gums to improve circulation.

The rubber dog bone looks like a regular toy, but it’s a dog toothbrush in disguise. The more your dog chews, the cleaner their teeth!

When Chewbrush needs cleaning, simply stick in the dishwasher! It’s dishwasher-safe, phthalate-free, and BPA-free.