Atomic Beam Battle Visor, Anti-Glare Sun Visor

  • $9.99
  • $14.99
- $5.00

Do you often find it difficult to get a clear view from your car visor at night time or in daylight? The As Seen on Tv Battle Visor is a premium quality specially tinted glass designed to diffuse the bright glare and sunlight in day time and it also help to reduce the bright glare of the headlights in the night time. The overall usage of the HD Visor is quite simple, easy and can be installed in minutes.

You can easily install the HD visor on any type of vehicle that has already the visor installed on it. The As Seen on Tv Battle Visor helps to protect the eyesight of the user from sudden glare in night time or day time. It?s the best travel companion for all those individuals who find it difficult to drive in bright sunny day or night time due to sudden glare.