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Collagen Wrinkle Stick Multi Balm

Collagen Wrinkle Stick Multi Balm

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Rose's Hue Collagen Wrinkle Stick Multi Balm

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  • BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS – Rose’s Hue contains ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, hemp seed oil, and amino acids to optimize the benefits of the balm
  • MOISTURIZING & BRIGHTENING – This wrinkle balm creates even skin tone to create brighter and healthier skin.
  • EASY TO CARRY AROUND – With the simple design, we made it convenient to carry around in your purse or bag and can be applied anytime of the day.
  • APPLY OVER MAKEUP – With our creamy formula, it will smoothly glide over your makeup without smudging
  • MADE IN KOREA – Korea is leading skincare and beauty products. Therefore, we decided to create Rose’s Hue Moisturizing Collagen Stick in South Korea.

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