Furniture Feet Flexible Chair Leg Floor Protectors

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Furniture Feet Flexible Chair Leg Floor Protectors

Protect your floors from scuffs and scratches with Furniture Feet, the long-lasting stretchable furniture boots created to shield your floors and furniture from costly damage. Furniture Feet easily slip on any stool, table or chair leg, providing a smooth, scratch resistant surface, so you can glide furniture across the floor safely. Just push, slide and glide.

Unlike felt pads, which fall off over time, Furniture Feet are made with woven fiber pads, creating a durable permanent carpet pad that lasts up to five times longer. The flexible clear sleeves stretch to fit any shape of furniture legs and are easy to install and stay tight on the legs. No nails, tools or adhesives needed. Furniture feet are a no-brainer when it comes to preserving your home.

Small -  .88" - 1.25"             Large  -  1.38" - 1.63"

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