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Gudetama Onion Sticker

Gudetama Onion Sticker

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Gudetama Onion Sticker

2.25 in x 2.5 in (5.5 cm x 7 cm)

Elevate your collection of whimsical stickers with our Gudetama sticker. This endearing sticker captures the essence of Gudetama, the lovably lazy egg character, in a moment of unexpected companionship with an onion.

With its charming illustration and vibrant colors, this sticker adds a touch of Gudetama's signature humor and nonchalant attitude to your personal items, whether it's your notebook, laptop, or water bottle. Let Gudetama's quirky connection with an onion bring smiles and lightheartedness to your surroundings with this delightful sticker that encapsulates the essence of carefree charm. 

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