Hempvana Aromatic Scented Candles of Calm

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Wish you could transport yourself away from the stresses of life? Light the wick of a Calm scented candle and allow the aromatic fragrance to whisk you away (at least figuratively). Calm by Hempvana® is made with coconut wax and enriched with hemp seed oil for a smokeless, sootless burn. 

Choose from two relaxing scents 

Vanilla Dream - golden vanilla cupcake wrapped with tantalizing hints of creamy, vodka-spiked buttercream frosting, sweet spun sugar, and a dash of aromatic spice.

Lavender Chamomile - fresh-crushed lavender and soothing chamomile accentuated by notes of bergamot and a hint of wild musk.

AROMATHERAPY CANDLES: unwind to the tranquil aromatic fragrance of Calm scented candles

COCONUT WAX: ideal for candles because coconut wax is smokeless and soot-free!INCLUDED: one (1) 8.7-oz Calm scented candle


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